Secure Electronic DataDestruction

Disposing of Magnetic Media may sounds easy, but improper and incomplete disposal of Magnetic Media may be very costly affair. Incomplete disposal of Recorded Magnetic Media may expose confidential data to outsider and even competitors.
Alpha Scope (M) Sdn Bhd , therefore, recommends the use of our Total Media Management Program. We are using latest state-of-the-art technology Media Degaussers to properly ‘destroy’ data in the Magnetic Media

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  • Physical Media Data Destruction
  • Hard Drive Degaussers
  • On-site Data Destruction
  • Secure Data Erasure
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On-Site Data Degaussing

Data destruction is often referred to as “Degaussing”, or erasing the data from the physical tape. Which mean it does not destruct the physical media, but the data in the Media will be fully “Destroyed”. This process will be done “On-Site Service” in our customers’ premises.

Off-Site Data Shredding

Media destruction refers to the act of destroying the physical media itself. Which means the “Data” is still inside the magnetic film, therefore, the first option (A) will be more recommended. The act of disposing non-biodegradable product in the environment raises the questions of security, and this is a concern to many corporate auditors today. This process is called “Off-Site Service”.

Data Destruction