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As expert media solution management company, we also provide media products to our clients, with variety of magnetic tapes, tape protective cases, degaussers, media storage racking systems, tape cartridge & records labels, etc.

Our Products

Magnetic Tapes

Tape Cartridges combine the advantages of linear, multi-channel, bi-directional formats with enhancements in servo technology, data compression, track layout and error correction.

Tape Protective Case

Provide excellent protection for transporting larger quantities of Ulthrium tape cartridges. The unique construction of the case provides protection against damage when dropped, extreme temperatures, exposure to moisture or severe forces.


High-speed, high-volume degausser that fully and permanently erases all data on hard drives and tape in 9 seconds.

Media tape storage rack system

Media tape storage rack system is designed to provide durable and efficient storage for DLT and LTO tape formats, together with anticipated future media developments, in the minimum amount of floorspace. Simply choose a base unit, in one of two height options, compact or stretch, and increase capacity vertically with add-on units that fit simply and quickly onto the base. All multi media tape rack frames are totally compatible allowing you to mix bases and add-ons of different heights.

Tape Cartridge & Records Labels

With our Custom Labeled Media, cartridges can be supplied with barcode labels bearing your own specified sequences. HP rigorously tests its precision-engineered, high-resolution barcode labels using software unique to the HP Automation Group to evaluate and warrant the performance of its labels. These labels are professionally applied in a clean environment to ensure 100% readability accurate storage and retrieval in busy, automated tape libraries.

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