IT Assets Disposal

A well-defined, systematic program to manage disposition of retired IT assets is key to protecting your data, controlling your assets, maximising value recovery and meeting regulatory and corporate risk management requirements.

We understands the challenges that organisations face when dealing with the disposal of IT equipment. Faced with complex geographical, systemic and procedural variables, we work closely with clients to tailor specific solutions to meet their needs in the most secure way.

“We are a dynamic and progressive company, retaining good establishment with international leaders in this industry.”


  • Environmental
  • Data security

We incorporate the highest standards of best practices within the industry to ensure environmental and data security compliance.

Planning & Strategy

Our IT Asset Disposal service offers bespoke solutions to address key considerations such as::

  • Data security
  • Reduced overhead
  • Customised schedules
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Auditing and validation
  • Defined and documented procedures
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal and recycling
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